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Key Books on Gurdjieff's Teaching

By G. I. Gurdjieff:

All and Everything: Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson (1950) New York: E. P. Dutton; Arkana, 1992.

Meetings with Remarkable Men (1963) New York: Dutton

"The Material Question," published as an appendix to his book, Meetings with Remarkable Men (1963).

Views from the Real World: Early Talks in Moscow, Essentuki, Tiflis, Berlin, London, Paris, New York and Chicago, as Recollected by His Pupils (1973) Foreword by Jean de Salzmann. New York: E. P. Dutton.

Life is Real Only Then, When "I Am" (1975) New York, Triangle Editions

By P. D. Ouspensky

In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching (1949) New York.

The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution (1st ed., 1950; 2nd ed. 1974, enlarged, New York: Vintage Press)

By Jean Vaysse

Toward Awakening, Far West Press, San Francisco (out of print)

By Thomas and Olga de Hartmann

Our Life With Mr. Gurdjieff (1972) New York: Penguin Arkana

Edited by Jacob Needleman and George Baker

Gurdjieff: Essays and Reflections on the Man and His Teaching, (1996) New York: Continuum Press

by John Pentland

Exchanges Within: Questions from Everyday Life Selected from Gurdjieff Group Meetings with John Pentland in California, (1997) New York: Continuum Press